1. Everyone residing in Europe has equal rights and responsibilities under European law.

  2. We endorse the basic European values set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Treaty of Lisbon, which promise to respect the dignity of all citizens.

  3. Inclusiveness is a two-way street. We want to encourage integration by urging immigrants to adopt European values and norms, and by asking Europeans to reach out to immigrants in an effort to explain cultural values and norms and facilitate the journey towards integration.

  4. Education is essential. We want to encourage schools and communities to place more emphasis on multicultural education aimed at developing a global perspective. At the same time, schools can reinforce European identity by sharing European values and norms. 

  5. Employment is key. Immigrants are best served by a quick transition into the job market. Training programmes should focus on utilising existing skills, developing new ones, and above all on providing the language skills needed to participate in the job market. 


These are the key messages of the Embrace campaign. We realize that immigration will always involve a degree of conflict and friction between different social groups, but these are our aspirations. They reflect what we hope to achieve by emphasizing the positive aspects of immigration and embracing the following ideas.


  • We embrace the need to foster a better understanding of, and respect for, all cultures in Europe, and to promote an equal, non-judgmental, peaceful coexistence with all persons regardless of colour, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. 

  • We embrace the idea that everyone should adopt and actively incorporate European values into their daily lives. 

  • We embrace openness to all perspectives but recognise the need to speak out against all forms of discrimination.

  • We embrace the idea that everyone should contribute economically and socially to their community and country through active employment, paid or unpaid.

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