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An open world

The thing I like the most about the Netherlands is that people here are not so judgmental. They accept you. I came from a really judgmental environment. Even after ten years, sometimes I’m still quite surprised at how easy it is to just be yourself here - you don’t have to please people all the time. Of course, you have to adjust to the society - I think it’s a necessity that we all adjust to the general society - in this way we can function as a system and as a whole. But you don’t have to adjust to other people’s expectations - you can be yourself, you can have your own opinion.


My life in Hungary taught me to be very hardworking, With the lack of creativity and individuality in education and the way of life, we learn to fill the missing space with hard work. And that has really helped me to achieve what I have today.


Before I moved here, I didn’t know what the Netherlands was going to be like. I had some ideas about the western countries - open minded and just people are willing to work together so the whole society can function on the basis of collaboration and not cruel competition. I mean there is competition here too, in the Netherlands for the best job and everything, but it’s not the same aggressiveness I often found back home.