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Celebrating Spreek Nederlands Dag with Direct Dutch!

On Saturday 28 September, Embrace Europe was happy to celebrate 'Spreek Nederlands Dag' along with Direct Dutch.

Ruud Hisgen - the founder of Direct Dutch - is a wonderful Dutch teacher and has taught many expats and newcomers over the years. To him, language is highly important, but language alone is not quite enough. He believes that there should also be a greater focus on culture. What better way to explore a new culture other than through books, film, and arts. With this vision, Ruud organizes activities like book clubs, film nights and art tours around the city of den Haag to help people become aware and understand more of Dutch art and culture.

Besides Ruud, Embrace Europe was also happy celebrate the effort of Erika Faragó and Ryanne Kelly. Erika and Ryanne enjoy working with Direct Dutch to help expats and newcomers learn the language. They are both staff of the Bibliotheek Haagse Hout and are passionate about language, especially when it comes to language and integration. They think that knowing the language is the gateway to becoming a part of Dutch society and we at Embrace Europe agree!