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Embrace Europe’s strategy is based on collaborative systems change. This approach is based on the ideology that collaborative action has a multiplier impact and hence can tilt the needle towards rapid action faster. 


The key issues identified by the movement are culture, language, migrant livelihoods, housing and education. Each year via a consultative process on issue will be chosen. The key issue determined for this year is language linked to an understanding of Dutch culture. Hence the co-creation of the campaign – speaking Dutch together. 


The key aspects to the strategy for Embrace Europe are outlined below:


Co-create: The campaign has been co-created by a multi-stakeholder steering committee, academics  and other partners to the movement. It is based on a research of residents to determine the key issues on migration. 


Convene: To determine a common ground based on a messaging structure which can be shared and tested with all concerned stakeholders via meetings. Stakeholders include government, researches, academics, press etc.


Connect: Embrace Europe launches with a campaign- Speaking Dutch together – aims to connect 10,000 volunteers to migrants to facilitate better knowledge of the Dutch language and culture. This is done via a social media campaign linking the volunteers to organizations working in the field.


Celebrate and communicate: the Embrace Europe week will have multiple events to celebrate the launch of the campaign. Through the year language graduation ceremonies will be held and the results communicated.


Calibrate: on both community and national levels.


The strategy will evolve as the campaign evolves in consultation with all stakeholders.